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As a career hub, Nethubb serves as a common ground for students, graduates, and organizations in building career paths and professional networks.

We understand that part of every Professional Association & Non-Profits’ mission is to help individuals achieve their highest potential by opening opportunities many members can explore and take advantage of.
At Nethubb, we help you achieve this feat and more with ease by promoting your organization to a larger audience!

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Tap into a marketplace directly with our educational institutions' partners such as high schools, universities, trade schools, and community colleges.


Market With Confidence By:

  • Creating a simplified profile page on Nethubb to showcase your organization.

  • Taking advantage of our event creation and ticketing tools with flexible ticketing payouts.

  • Showcasing your podcasts, blogs, and newsletters under a page.

  • Promoting your opportunities, topic discussions, and courses, and search for users who are available to volunteer or work on our marketplace.

  • Promoting your organization’s activities to other social media channels.

Create A Student Membership

  • We are the student membership plan for your organization.

  • We can help build a plan for you if you do not have one.

  • We can operate your student membership plan on your behalf so there’s one less step to manage


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