About Us

Nethubb is based in Dallas, Texas.  It all began with a vision to help the younger generation see the value of networking.  The opportunities are endless and we want to help bridge those connections in an efficient and personable manner.  Students are struggling to know which path to take in their professional field or who to connect with.  Some students are fortunate to have parents or role models to help guide which path to take however, that may not be enough if they don't harness the right connections.  Nethubb can make it easier for anyone who's seeking to make valued connections within any industry.

We offer a platform for individuals seeking professional organizations that may pique their interest based on a major or industry they want to look more into.  These professional organizations have been vetted and existed for quite some time but are struggling to connect to the younger generation.  We've made it easier not only for students but for active adults who want to expand their network, development, business, or just better connections amongst their peers.  There's an enormous amount of organizations that are out there waiting for individuals to join.  It's not just a connection thing, but more of building something together and being surrounded by others that can help each other grow in their professional and personal spectrum.  This is a great opportunity for local organizations to showcase their organization and promote their events in a centralized marketplace.   

Ultimately that's our mission, bringing opportunities together to support your vision.  Whatever vision that may be we want to share those opportunities that are out there for you to decide. 

If you're contemplating on where to start in your career or major this is a great resource to browse which industry you want to learn more about, who to make connections with, or even decide what area in your field you want to get into.  Attending events is a great way to make connections and follow up with your contacts.  If you're not sure on becoming an official member within an organization, you can always follow that organization and stay connected, compare what organizations are out there that may better satisfy what you need or even meet other peers in your industry and share experiences.  Not only that, we will help you build your confidence, offer tips and tricks, and save time searching what's readily available for you.  There's so much out there and we can help you get there.  

We hope you see the value of networking and whatever passion lies within you there is someone out there that can help you see it through.  Nethubb will help you find your tribe in the professional world that can help expand your career, development, or business.

Thank you for joining Nethubb!