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Excellent Career Guide

At Nethubb, we provide you with a realistic guide and in-depth answers to questions like “What career path to follow and how to attain the highest point in your career”. We understand these to be some of the most challenging decisions in choosing a career, and we are here to help you every step of the way.


Limitless Career Opportunities

At Nethubb, we offer suggestions and tips on scholarships, internships, volunteer programs, and employment opportunities to help set you up for a successful career. We also connect you with industry professional mentors to guide you based on your interests.


Network of Like Minds

We provide you with the right tools and the best platform for socializing and networking with individuals of like minds from around the U.S. At Nethubb, you can interact with goal-driven individuals, and be seen by specific professional organizations for great employment opportunities.


Face to Face Interactions

Nethubb offers regular opportunities for career-building events where successful professionals highlight their career specialties and allow face-to-face interactions either offline or online. Nethubb makes available the resources needed to achieve these seamlessly.


Explore Professional Organizations

We provide you with exclusive access to professional associations and nonprofit organizations of your interest near you. At Nethubb, we provide you with direct insight into these establishment’s networks and career growth opportunities.


Team of Professionals

Our team of professionals and customer service representatives are passionate, reliable, and always ready to serve you.

How Nethubb Works

Deciding On A Career Path?

Do you want to take more practical steps to build an excellent career or switch to a different career path? Nethubb offers browsing options to discover your next career step super easy! Kindly, choose any of the options below;


Join Organizations, Share Ideas and Experiences

At Nethubb, we understand that sometimes gaining clarity of a career choice comes by actively participating and belonging to groups who share the same interests and worries. At Nethubb, you get to connect with not just guides and professionals but individuals who are equally trying to find the way around their career choice.

We allow you to share in other students' and individuals' career struggles and success stories to stay inspired, positive and focused.

Connect With Professionals in
Your Field

Discover Professionals Events Suitable For You

Effortless discover mind-blowing professional events and connect with professionals in a specific field within and outside your locality. Also, stay informed of upcoming professional events in and outside your zone. Schedule, attend events and stay updated.
If building a career is what you desire, you need to know what professional events to attend and ensure to do so. Most importantly connect with professionals.


Become A Member Of A Featured

Sign Up to Become a Member

Nethubb partners with over 100 organizations to help make your career dreams come through. You join any of these featured organizations that interest you by paying a membership flat fee rate and enjoy great benefits as a member. Some of these benefits include attending specific organizations' career-building events, getting-first hand updates on available opportunities, and connecting with some of the organization’s key networks.

Be Discovered

Post Your Availability

Nethubb has a vast network of partner organizations who are looking to hire. Post your availability and interest and let them reach out to you or vice versa.

Check on Opportunities

As a member you will get exclusive access and be the first to get notified of any internships, volunteer, scholarships, high profile speakers and apply immediately and directly.


What Our Students say

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to sign up?

No, it's free to sign up to browse organizations and events that are happening in your area.

Is being a member free?

It depends, there’s 3 packages to choose from. The free, the $25 standard or $50 specialized student membership package, required an annual basis.

What does each package get you?

-Free package is automatic once you sign up, but you are limited on membership access.

-$25 Standard Student Package - Grants you membership access to 3 standard organizations.

-$50 Specialized Student Package - Grants you membership access to 1 featured organization and 2 standard organizations.

How can I tell what is a standard organization and a featured organization?

Featured orgs. will show a badge symbol on their profile page. Standard orgs. do not. Featured orgs. tend to be higher in premium because of the network they bring. It really depends on the industry you’re interested in and the various orgs. that better support your needs.

How do I become a member?

Click on subscription, there’s several pop ups throughout the site, or click on Upgrade Subscription.

How can I pick an organization once I become a member?

Once you find the organizations of your choice you would go to the organization’s page and select the “become a member tab” to submit your request. The admin will approve your membership and you will get exclusive access to what they offer.